Welcome to our Summer Hebrew Reading Challenge! We're hoping to not only avoid the dreaded "brain drain" this summer, but attempt to surpass our Hebrew reading levels that we left off with at the end of the school year! Not only that, but you can earn points each time you read, and use your points to "buy" cool prizes!

We'll be using the popular Aleph Champ reading program, which uses colors similar to karate to track reading levels and progress. The reading challenge runs from July 1st through September 1. We'll have a big party to celebrate everyone's accomplishents on Shabbos, September 5th at 1:00 pm.

Here's how it works:

1) Email Chava to let her know you'd like to sign up and to figure out which level and page you should start with: chavaleah@gmail.com.

2) Earn 1 point: Call in once a day (except Shabbos) to record yourself reading a page (or two, or three) from your current Aleph Champ level. (Parents, please note that 5 or more mistakes per page that are not re-read correctly will require a repition of that page. Your child will still earn  a point for calling in and reading.) The call-in number is 320-6059.

3) Earn 3 points: Make a weekly phone appointment with Chava to read a page and be ready at the phone at the pre-determined time. 

After each time you call, your parents will receive an email updating them on your progress and point total. 

4) Visit Chabad at any time (arrange with Chava first) to redeem your points for prizes! 

Looking forward to hearing from all you super-ninja-speedy readers!