Jewish Prayer: How do we converse with God? When is the proper time to do so? What's the objective? Explore the world of Jewish prayers — as illuminated by the teachings of kabbalah and Chassidism.
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Join us for Shabbat prayers every Friday night and Shabbat (Saturday) morning.

  • On Shabbat mornings, in addition to prayer services(from 10:00 - 12:00) participate in an in-depth discussion of the parsha (weekly Torah portion) with applicable lessons to modern-day life (begins around 11:00). 
  • Children are welcome to join, and there is plenty of toys and games for them to enjoy upstairs, and periodical Childrens programs! Email [email protected] for more information.

Following davening and parsha discussion on Shabbat mornings, all are welcome to join a Kiddush luncheon. Shabbat Kiddush is a great opportunity to partake in traditional Shabbat cuisine, share the news of the week, and enjoy the warmth and companionship of the community.

Stories and l'chaims create a environment that is both enjoyable and uplifting.

To sponsor a kiddush in memory of a loved one, in honor of a birthday or anniversary, yahrtziet or special occasion, please email [email protected]

Sponsorship options:      
Traditional Kiddush $180
Deluxe Kiddush $360