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Who are we? 

Chabad at Evergreen is a family. Directed by Rabbi Yosef and Rivky Schtroks, Chabad is a home away from home for every Jewish student at Evergreen.

Why are we here?

We're here for YOU! For every Jewish student's needs, spiritual, psychical, psychological, and any other 'ogical! If you need a place to hang out, a hub to find like-minded students, a Rabbi to learn from and get inspired, a Friday night dinner or just someone to talk with — that's what we're for!

Joining us makes you automatically part of our loving Chabad family and we're always happy to help in any way we can.

Please consider our home, your "home away from home". We're very excited to have you over! 

Weekly Shabbat Dinners:
Students have open invitations to Shabbat dinner at Rabbi Yosef and Rivky's home. Get in touch with us at [email protected] or [email protected] .
Students come to Chabad at Evergreen for many different reasons:

  • Some come on a Friday night for a bowl of homemade chicken soup, fresh baked challah, and camaraderie;
  • Some come simply to socialize - to relax and enjoy themselves with Jewish activities such as Challah or Hamantashen baking, shofar making, or any of our other activities with other Jewish students;
  • Some come during a moment of personal crisis knowing they will always get a discreet, sympathetic ear, a warm, open heart, and appropriate advice or referrals;
  • Some come for one of the myriad classes offered - from beginner's Hebrew to Parsha, Mysticism and advanced Talmud - or simply to ask serious questions about Judaism;


    Some come to attend Shabbat or holiday services.

Everything we do for the students is ALWAYS free! 

All our programs, classes, meals and events, even the day to day operational expenses are made possible by the generous donations and contributions of our community members, parents and alumni who value our faith and care deeply about the future of our Jewish community, identity and purpose.

With this in mind, we invite you to help sponsor any one of our ongoing programs or events.There are so many incredible things we can do together.  Click here to donate.



Get in touch with us, or connect us with your child/relative/friend! 


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Student's physical address (not the mailing address or PO box):

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Your name and contact info, if different than above:

I/my friend needs:

 Just wants to connect. Maybe even have a coffee/shmooze with the Rabbi or Rivky!
Jewish penicillin (matzah ball chicken soup) delivery. Make that cold go away!
Holiday care packages. Nothing like holiday treats when I'm missing my family during holidays...
Shabbat challah delivery. Fresh, soft challah... need I say more??