Aleph Preschool  

These early years are a unique time in children’s lives. Young children are discovering the world around them; they are filled with wonder and excitement. I am always filled with awe at the incredible opportunity to facilitate children’s growth and development by providing an accepting, loving and stimulating atmosphere.

To learn more about the Aleph Preschool email me at rivky@jewisholympia.com, or call me at 360-867-8804. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Rivky Schtroks
Director and Teacher

Our Philosphy 
Jewish Proverbs teach “Chanoch Lena’ar al pi Darko,” that we should “educate a child according to his ways.” Using this as our strategy, we have based our approach on a formula that blends the most positive elements of the leading disciplines. Our philosophy is to take the best of each system without limiting ourselves to one particular method. For example, as advocated in the Montessori philosophy, we encourage the children to be self-sufficient and self-motivated. At the same time, we follow the academic approach and teach the children the alphabet, as well as math/counting and language arts with themes from various authors, such as Eric Carle. Similarly, we borrow from the Reggio Emilio philosophy allowing the students’ natural interests to influence our planning of the curriculum. Our formula borrows from the various disciplines and uses their strengths and what is appropriate for our students. Of course, all topics are introduced and explored through the lens of Judaism. For example, we learn about colors and shapes by exploring the round, red apple that is dipped into honey on Rosh Hashana.
We have prepared a wonderful curriculum for your child with the goal of providing a high standard of Jewish and General education. We believe that each child's unique personality should be valued and treasured, and have ensured that our curriculum covers various learning styles, so each and every child can grow in his or her special way.