What is a mezuzah?

A mezuzah mounted on the doorpost designates the home as Jewish, reminding us of our connection to G‑d and to our heritage.

Whether you are looking to hang one on your doorpost or have a mezuzah already, the Jewish Discovery Center offers house visits to make sure your existing mezuzah is in tip-top shape, or to help you procure a mezuzah and hang it properly, blessing and all!

A mezuzah is not, contrary to popular belief, the outer container. The mezuzah is actually the parchment scroll within, on which the "Shema" — a biblical passage declaring the oneness of G‑d — is handwritten by an expert scribe.

The mezuzah is also a symbol of G‑d's watchful care over the home. The name of G‑d, Sha-dai, which appears on the reverse side of the parchment, is an acronym for the Hebrew words which mean "Guardian of the doorways of Israel." The placing of a mezuzah on the doors of a home or office protects the inhabitants — whether they are inside or outside. 

So make an appointment with Rabbi Yosef today to make sure your mezuzah is properly written and hung in the right place! Call 360-867-8804 or email [email protected].

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