Kosher has been the Jewish diet for over 3,500 years! What does it involve and why is it so important? Read more about the laws of kosher and spiritual ramification behind it HERE>>>

If you are interested in keeping kosher and would like to transform your kitchen, please contact Rabbi Yosef to arrange a house visit to help you make it happen! Email [email protected].

For kosher foods in Olympia, local stores such as Albertsons, QFC, Trader Joes and Fred Meyers carry a limited selection that includes staples such as grape juice, matzah and Shabbat candles. For more extensive kosher foods, including meat, chicken, etc., please visit for a great selection of kosher foods that are delivered each Wednesday morning for you to pick up from Chabad. (Delivery to Chabad is free! They also do a great job packaging perishables with dry ice and insulation. Check it out for yourself!)